Parental knowledge and impact on growth in children with congenital heart diseases in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital

  • MO Asani
  • I Aliyu
  • S Gambo
Keywords: Congenital heart disease, Parental knowledge, growth.


Abstract: Objectives: Parental knowledge of a child’s heart disease, treatment and prevention of complications may promote a better health related behavior towards the care of the child. Most of these children often present with failure to thrive which the parents may not associate with the disease. This study is aimed at determining the knowledge of parents of children with congenital heart disease (CHD) and the impact of the disease on their growth.
Methods: This was a cross sectional study consisting of parents and children with CHD attending the Pediatric Cardiology Clinic of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital. Relevant information was gotten from pre-tested questionnairescontaining data such as age, anthropometric parameters, educational level of parents and knowledge of their children’s cardiac defect.
Results: Out of the one hundred and three parents recruited in this study, ninety-one (88.3%) of the parents knew the correct cardiac diagnosis. which had no statistically significant association with their educational status. There was statistically significant association between maternal educational status and ability to name the medications (X2= 27.01, df=12, p=0.008). A total of sixty nine (67%) children have a WAZ score of ≤−2 and <3 while forty five (43.7%) have an HAZ of ≤−2.
Conclusion: Adequate knowledge will ensure better compliance to medications which can reduce morbidity and early mortality before surgical intervention. Therefore continuous patient/caregiver education is imperative for their long time survival because even surgery may not completely eliminate all complications associated with it.

Keywords: Congenital heart disease, Parental knowledge, growth.


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