Prevalence of rotavirus among children under five years of age with diarrhea in Kaduna State, Nigeria

  • A.A. Mohammed
  • M Aminu
  • S.A. Ado
  • E.D. Jatau
  • M.D. Esona
Keywords: Prevalence, Rotavirus, Children, Kaduna State, Nigeria


Rotavirus (RV) is a major etiological agent of acute infantile gastroenteritis and is associated with 20%-25% of diarrhea cases in infants. Nigeria continues to be among the first five countries with greatest number of RV disease associated deaths per year. The objective was to determine some demographic factors that might be associated with rotavirus diarrhea among children in Kaduna State. From September 2013-August 2014, 401 diarrheic stool samples were collected from children under 5 years of age in Kaduna State, Nigeria and analyzed for RV antigen using ELISA. An overall RV prevalence of 32.2% (129/401) was obtained with the infection occurring throughout the study period. The infection was higher in males (33.0%:63/111) compared to females (31.4%:66/210). The highest burden was detected in children 25 -36 months of age (37.3%:22/59). Highest prevalence was detected in children whose parents had primary education (35.8%:19/53) and those whose parents were civil servants (35.6%:36/101). There was no statistically significant association between breast feeding and RV infection (P> 0.05). The study has revealed that rotavirus remains an important cause of acute diarrhea in children under five years in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Hence the need to introduce the vaccines into the childhood immunization program in the country

Keywords: Prevalence, Rotavirus, Children, Kaduna State, Nigeria


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