Familial congenital glaucoma and epilepsy: a case series.

  • MA Alhaji
  • UF Ibrahim
  • H Ahmad
  • GM Ashir
Keywords: Consanguinity, Familial, Congenital glaucoma, Epilepsy


We present two siblings from consanguineous marriage, both with congenital glaucoma and seizure disorders with progressive visual impairment and blindness. The pedigree showed that five (one male and four females) of the eleven siblings have varied degrees of visual impairment to blindness with seizure disorders. To the best of our knowledge, familial congenital glaucoma with epilepsy has not been reported, hence the communication to highlight this unusual condition which could be an association or syndromic.

Key words: Consanguinity, Familial, Congenital glaucoma, Epilepsy.