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Anti-trypanosomal activity of ethanolic bulb extract of Allium porrum in albino rats experimentally infected with Trypanosoma brucei brucei

O.S. Odeyemi, Y.A. Umar, M.S. Abdulsalami


Twenty-five male albino rats were divided into five groups and used for the study. Day 5 post-infection and establishment of parasitemia (1x106 trypanosomes/ml of blood), Group 1 was untreated while Groups 2-4 were treated with single intraperitoneal injection 50, 75 and 100 mg/kg of ethanolic extract of A. porrum respectively. A single dose 3.5 mg/kg diaminazene aceturate was administered to Group 5. Clinical manifestations of trypanosomiasis including increased rectal temperature, weakness and dullness were observed in experimental rats in all the groups. There were decrease packed cell volume (PCV) and red blood cell count (RBC) in Groups 1-4 but none of these was significant (p>0.05) while Group 5 had a significant increase (p<0.05) in PCV and non-significant increase (p>0.05) in RBC post-treatment. Meanwhile, there were feeble reductions in the pre-treatment and post-treatment parasitemia level in the groups treated with ethanolic extract of A. porrum compared with untreated group while there was significant clearance in parasitemia in the control-group.

Keywords: T. b. brucei; A. porrum; ethanolic extract; albino rat; trypanosomes
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