Author Guidelines

Aims and scope of the Journal
Nigerian Journal of Parasitology is the official organ of the Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria. The Journal is devoted primarily to pure and applied research and provides a medium for the rapid publication of investigations in all aspects of Parasitology. The Journal will publish original researches and technical studies carried out in the country, as well as works and documents from elsewhere which are of interest to Nigeria or empirical configuration.

A. Types of contributions
Nigerian Journal of Parasitology publishes the following kinds of papers: Original research works on parasitology and public health (epidemiology, entomology, veterinary parasitology, animal parasitology, vector biology, disease prevention, molecular and biochemical parasitology, drug test, diagnostics parasitology, control, socio-medicine and international health).

B. Instruction to contributors
To accelerate publication of any paper, the following editorial instructions and policies should be strictly followed when submitting manuscripts for consideration. Manuscripts should be word-processed in MS Word Software and written in concise English. Expressions should be simple and declarative. Local vernaculars may be used only when their use is unavoidable.

Original works should be in line with the following organization: Abstract, Keywords, Text (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion), Acknowledgements and References). The text should not exceed twelve pages of A4
size, double spaced with a maximum of six figures and six tables.

C. Special contributions 
The text should not exceed fifteen pages of A4 size in double-spaced typing. The references should be minimal. Tables and figures are optional.

D. Letters to the Editor
This section will publish comments related to works recently published in the Journal. It will also accept works which, due to their shortness, do not constitute an original article. Letters should not exceed ten citations. The number of authors should not exceed six.

E. Manuscript preparation
Manuscripts should be presented in the following order and all pages numbered consecutively (Title page, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Material and methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements and References. Author(s) should create a Running Title, that is Short Title, after the Keywords on the Title Page. Figures and Tables should closely follow the text to which they are related. Authors will be responsible for the accuracy of all references in the text and in the list at the end  of the paper. Author(s) are also requested to submit their complete names and addresses, including e-mail (compulsory) and phone numbers. Only indispensable references should be used. Citation in the text should be made as consecutive numbers in box brackets, e.g. [10]. All references so made in the text should belisted at the end of the paper.

F. Guidelines for creating Tables and Figures Tables
Tables must be created with MS Word Table Tool. Do not use columns and tabs within word processing programme. Use Arial for Tables’ contents. Ensure that all vertical lines are removed. Tables created in any other formats will be returned to the author for proper formatting. Tables must also be in black and white.

Figures (line graphs, charts, etc.)
For Figures, use grey scale (black and white). Use Arial, for figure lettering. Figures, symbols, lettering, and numbering should be clear and large enough to remain legible when reduced. Place figure keys within figure. Figures can be created using MS Excel, MS Word, etc. Make line drawings as simple as possible. Many computer-generated figures, e.g. three dimensional graphs and unusual symbols, cannot be reproduced satisfactorily when reduced and should therefore be avoided.

All figures must be saved as JPEG formats. Figures (images/photographs) regardless of the application used, all electronic images and photographs must be saved and sent in the following formats: JPEG, and BMP at a minimum of 500 dpi. Please do not supply embedded images in your document. Send them as separate files. You can also send laser-print images or photographs if electronic format is unavailable.

Author(s) are advised to adhere to these guidelines, as failure will delay the publication of accepted manuscripts.

G. References
List of references to articles in regular journals should contain (i) names of author(s), (ii) year of publication, (iii) full title of the article, (iv)full name of the journal (italicised) and number. A very limited list of references will be preferred in order to save print spaces so as to publish more scholarly papers from other contributors. For books in references; surname of the author(s) should be followed by initials, year of publication, title of publication in italics, name of publisher; place of publication and number of pages. In case of proceedings, edited symposia, etc., name of author(s) should be followed by initials, year of publication, title of publication only in italics, name of publisher; place of publication and page number(s).

Contributors are implored to refer to the current volume of the journal for compliance in writing their references. The accuracy and correctness of the manuscripts, in all respect are the exclusive responsibilities of the author(s). The Journal format must be strictly adopted throughout, and author(s) should take great pain in editing and proof-reading their own manuscripts to avoid undue delays or rejection. 

The Journal however prefers to publish many short different articles in one volume than few excessively long ones in order to maintain the balance of subject matter and satisfy a large proportion of readers and contributors.

All works accepted for publication become the property of the Nigerian Journal of Parasitology. Published works should not be reproduced in total or in part without a written permission from the Publisher. Works which have been previously published, or simultaneously submitted to other journals will not be accepted.

H. Manuscripts submission
Manuscripts should be submitted online to after payment of processing fee of N4,000.00 (four thousand Naira only) to PARASIT and PSN. EDU. TRUST FUND, GTB 0033301607 at GuarantyTrust Bank Plc. Scanned bank teller shouldaccompany the manuscript when submitting online to the journal 
email address.

Author(s) will be charged the rate of #15,000.00 or more depending on pages (US$100) for each published paper. This is inevitable if the important contributions of this Journal towards the promotion of human welfare are to be pursued.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

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