Nigerian Journal of Parasitology

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Mansonelliasis amongst nomadic Fulani herdsmen of south-eastern Nigeria

O U Amajuoyi, J C Anosike, B E Nwoke, C N Ukaga


This study was undertaken to investigate the prevalence of Mansonella perstans infection amongst the nomadic Fulani herdsmen of south-eastern Nigeria. Physical examination of 709 consenting nomads for clinical manifestations of M. perstans
infection was carried out between September 2004 and August 2005. This was followed by parasitological examination of blood samples collected by finger prick method to identify microfilariae (mf). Data collected was stratified by bush encampment in various states, age and sex and analyzed using the chi-square test. Overall, 43 (6.1%) of 709 nomads were infected. Ebonyi State bush encampments have the highest prevalence (9.5%), followed by Imo State encampments (6.5%) with Enugu State as the least (4.5%). There was slight significant variation amongst various bush encampments (p < 0.01). The proportions of
infected males (26) were higher than females (19). Infection was significantly lower in nomads below 25 years of age than in nomads above 26 years (p< 0.05). Majority of the infected nomads were asymptomatic.

Keywords: Mansonella perstans, nomadic Fulani herdsmen, south-eastern Nigeria.

Nigerian Journal of Parasitology Vol. 28 (2) 2007: pp. 83-86
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