Hepatic Histopathological Changes in a Dog with Natural Capillaria hepatica Infection in Nigeria

  • OL Ajayi
  • SO Omotainse
  • RE Antia
  • FA Antia
  • FA Akande
  • MO Olaniyi
  • OO Kehinde


This study describes the appearance of Capillaria (C.) hepatica in an adult dog with a history of fever, which has been previously documented in different parts of the world, yet never in domestic animals in Nigeria. The infection was observed during a retrospective study on the pathology of liver diseases in dogs in the south-western part of the country. Fifty-six formalinised liver tissues of dogs were retrieved and examined from the archives of two veterinary schools and one veterinary clinic. Only one case of C. hepatica infection was found (1.79%). Macroscopically, multiple foci of yellowish-white areas were observed on the hepatic surface. Microscopically, randomly distributed multifocal areas of granuloma-like reactions were observed in the hepatic parenchyma intermingled with Capillaria eggs. The eggs showed characteristic bipolar lids positive for glycoprotein with Periodic acid Schiff andWarthin Starry silver stains. The double-layer shell showed radial striations in the outer shell. Portal and septal fibrosis with closely associated mast cells were also observed. In conclusion, this is the first reported case of the C. hepatica infection in dog in Nigeria. The public health importance of the parasite was also discussed.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1117-4145