Nigerian Journal of Parasitology

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Parasitic Contamination of Fruits and Vegetables Sold at Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria

MM Dauda, MO Medinat, T Sabiu


The safety of fruits and vegetables sold in Kaduna metropolis, Nigeria for consumption was assessed with respect to their contamination by Ova and Cysts of parasites. Out of 320 samples of seven (7) varieties of vegetables and fruits examined from three different markets in Kaduna metropolis, 45 (14.00%) were positive and their percentage of occurrence were: Hookworm (32.00%), Ascaris lumbricoides (24.00%), Entamoeba coli (18.00%) E. histolytica, (10.00%), Balantidium coli (6.00%), Strongyloides stercoralis (4.00%), Giardia lamblia (4.00%), and Trichuris (2.00%). The most infected vegetable was Lactuca sativa (lettuce) (30.00%), while Solanum melongena (Garden egg) had the least percentage contamination (4.00%). The public health importance of these findings and the need to promote health education on sanitation and eating habits were discussed as part of measures to control the increasing outbreak of gastro enteritis in Nigeria, through washing of all vegetables prior to consumption.

Keywords: Cyst, Fruits, Ova, Parasitic Contamination; Vegetables

Nigerian Journal of Parasitology, Vol. 32 [2] September 2011, pp. 309-315

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