Design and implementation of a smart card based billing system for petroleum dispenser

  • SO Ezeonu
  • TC Onukwuli
  • LO Muogbana
  • TC Okafor


A smart card based billing system for petroleum dispenser is just one of the many ways in which smart cards can be employed to make commerce  efficient. It incorporates the use of smart card as its legal tender and a smart card reader embedded into the filling station dispenser design. The smart card reader processes the monetary information on the card, and then, based on that information authorizes the issuance of the product by the dispenser. It is designed in such a way that the monetary information is deducted in real time, and this is displayed by the display unit and the reduction in smart card credit is shown. Each time the transaction is completed, the smart card automatically is pulled out from the slot with the device refreshed using the refresh button. It is fully automated and needs little or no assistance from a human attendant. It is quite easy to use and greatly enhances transaction speeds at filling stations.

Key words: smart card, fuel dispenser, billing system,


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eISSN: 1595-0611