GENERAL – Manuscripts submitted for publication must represent original contributions and should not have been proposed for publication elsewhere. The text should be written in English.

TEXT – Papers should be type-written with double line spacing and wide margins on one side only; Each page should be numbered. The first page should include a title, the names of the authors and their affiliations and postal addresses. The title should be concise and should contain no complex symbols. The authors are responsible for the use of proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. The style should be concise and direct. Words to be printed in italics should be underlined. Text footnotes are not acceptable. The authors have to secure the rights of reproduction of any material that has already been published else where.

UNITS – The metric system is mandatory, and wherever possible, SI units should be used.

MATHEMATICAL SYMBOLS AND FORMULAE – All characters available on a normal typewriter must be typewritten in the text as well as in the equations: Symbols that must be drawn by hand should be identified on the margin. Allow ample space around equations and align subscripts and superscripts clearly. Place numbers of equations referred to in the text between parentheses at the right hand margin.

ABSTRACT – The manuscript must include an abstract containing a maximum of 300 words. It should be suitable for separate publication in an abstract journal. The main results should be stated clearly rather than a mere table of contents.

TABLES – Each table should be typed on a separate sheet as the authors expect it to appear in print. Each table must be numbered, and must contain a brief title on top and each column should contain a heading and units. Tables should be referred to in the text.

FIGURES – Illustrations should be drawn with black ink on good quality tracing paper. The originals or sharply focused glossy photographic prints (maximum format 21 x 29.7cm) should be submitted together with the manuscript. Each figure must be referred to in the text and its number clearly at the top right-hand corner of the page. A set of figure captions must be provided on a separate sheet. Extreme care should be taken in preparing the figures; lettering should be large enough so that it may be clearly reproduced after reduction.

REFERENCES - Only works cited in the text should be included in the reference list. References should be listed in alphabetical order of the first author. Papers in the reference list should be quoted in the following form:

Citation from an edited book
RAHAMAN, M.A., 1976: Review of basement geology of southwestern Nigeria. In Kogbe, C.A. (ed.), Geology of Nigeria, Elizabethan Pub. Co., Lagos, Nigeria, p. 41-57

Citation of a book
MAHANAM, S.E., 1990: Hazardous Waste Chemistry, Toxicology and Treatment. Lewis Publishers Inc, New York.
MBONU, P.D.C., J.O. EBENIRO, C.O. OFOEGBU and A.S. EKINE, 1991: Geoelectric sounding for determination of aquifer characteristics in parts of the Umuahia area of Nigeria, Geophysics, 56, p. 284-291.
Unpublished work
MEJEHA, I.M. 1988: Optical Spectra and Energy Levels of Divergent Ytterbium and Samarium Ions in Some Alkali Halides, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom (Unpubl.)

Standard abbreviations of Journals should be used. When in doubt, do not abbreviate the title of a journal: write the full title of the journal.

Manuscript Submission

The original and two copies of the manuscript (format 21 x 29.7cm – A4) including tables and figures must be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief (for address see the inside cover-page). Submission must include a processing charge of three hundred naira only. This inclusion will enable the editorial process the manuscript more timely. After acceptance of the paper the author will receive galley proofs for final corrections.
Processing fee of one hundred naira (N100.00) or 20 USD should accompany submission of articles.

Page Charges and Reprints

On acceptance of the manuscripts, page charges will be assessed and sent to contributors for redemption. After printing, 10 free reprints will be sent to contributors. Additional reprints may be ordered by authors with appropriate forms obtainable from the Editor-in-Chief.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-0611