Sand – shaliness evaluation of part of Bornu basin using well log data

  • J Ilozobhie
  • EE Okwueze
  • EU Egeh


Sand-shaliness of part of Bornu Basin using well log data from six wells was investigated. The computed sand-shale ratio was highest in Gaibu-1 and Tuma-1wells at relatively shallower stratigraphic interval; these reflects abundant sand content relative to clay component and clearly support deposition in high energy setting by high water energy current. The low-moderate energy of deposition typical of deltaic setting was shown by Kinasar-1, Krumta-1, Masu-1, and Wadi-1. The net to gross sand thickness shows a similar consistency in the thickness trend for all the wells. These results show the study area to be a hydrocarbon province given that all other hydrocarbon generative indices are present

Keywords: Indices, deltaic, generative, sand-shaliness, setting


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-0611