Nigerian Journal of Psychiatry

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A Study of Prevalence of Psychoactive Substance Use And Birth Order Among Students In A North Western Nigerian University

MA Yunusa, A Obembe


Background: Psychoactive substance use is prevalent among students in Nigeria. While there is continued efforts to determine factors associated, there would be need to examine if birth order influences its prevalence.
Aim: The present study was aimed to determine the prevalence of psychoactive substance use among students with different birth orders.
Methods: This study which was cross sectional and prospective using a self administered questionnaire was carried out among 1884 students of a University in north western Nigeria.
Results: First born were more likely to receive better allowance and were more likely to have used psychoactive substances compared to other siblings.
Conclusion : Psychoactive substance use was more prevalent among students who were first born. Further investigation in the community is suggested to confirm the findings.

Key words: Birth order, Nigeria, Students, University.

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