Authors may send three copies of their manuscripts typed double spaced on one side of the paper only, with wide margins of A4 size paper, accompanied by an electronic copy on floppy disk. However, on-line submission is highly encouraged. The title of the article should be brief and relevant. A short summary that includes background , aims, method, results and conclusion which should not be more than 150 words should be included. The article should commence with introduction followed by methods, results, discussion and conclusion, including any limitation of the study. Authors should give a word count of the summary and of the whole article. The whole article should be between 3000-5000 words.

Statistical procedures and analyses should be appropriate and should be correctly interpreted.

Tables should be submitted on separate sheets, numbered with appropriate headings. The table should be mentioned in the text but all information should not be duplicated in the text.

Each figure s should be good-quality output from a computer, not photocopies. It should be clearly numbered with explanatory legend; glossy photographs or other good quality prints are accepted.

References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper. The titles of Journals should be given in full

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