Circumareolar Incision‑subdermal Tunneling Dissection for Excision of Multiple Breast Fibroadenomata

  • S.O. Agodirin
  • G.A. Rahman
  • S.A. Olatoke
  • H.J. Akande
Keywords: Breast, fibroadenoma, quadrant, subdermal, tunneling


Excision of multiple fibroadenomas (MF) in separate breast quadrants presents difficulties of number and location of incision(s) and extent of tissue dissection and may be associated with more complications and poorer cosmetic outcome. This is a report of excision of MF in multiple quadrants of the breast using a modification of subcutaneous dissection technique dubbed the circumareolar incision and subdermal tunneling (CAST) dissection. After exposure of the superficial fascia with circumareolar incision, subdermal cone‑wise dissection was made to allow mobilization of the segment bearing the lump(s). The lump(s) were enucleated and removed. MF were removed from four breasts in three young unmarried females. The first patient had multiple adenomas removed from three quadrants of both breasts: 14 on the right and six on the left. The second patient had excision of three lumps in three separate quadrants, and the third patient had excision of two lumps in two separate quadrants. All patients had edema and bruising. One breast had wound infection and dehiscence. There were no skin necrosis, no nipple loss, and no breast distortion. All ensuing scars were camouflaged. CAST dissection was used for excision of MF in multiple quadrants of the breast with preservation of excellent cosmetic outcome of a single circumareolar incision.

Keywords: Breast, fibroadenoma, quadrant, subdermal, tunneling


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