Papers selected for publication are based on merit and on the condition that they have not been published or submitted elsewhere for publication. The Editor does not necessarily agree with the views the contributors and advertisers, they do not have legal responsibility for such views. Materials cited for publication will include scientific research papers read at the meetings of the Society and their abstracts as well as suitable papers. The Nigerian Journal of Surgery publishes original articles, special articles (by invitation), reviews, case reports, correspondences and notes.

Preparation of Manuscripts
Manuscripts (3 copies) should be clear, typewritten with double spacing on one side of the paper not longer than A4 (206x294). Manuscripts need not resemble closely the contribution to the meetings of the Society. Original Scientific Articles should consist of the following section:

Title page
Patients and Methods
Legend to Figures

An electronic copy in Word format should be included at the time of submission.
Title Page
The title page should contain the following:
(i) Title of the article which should be clear and concise.
(ii) A title not exceeding 40 letters and spaces for use as a running headline.
(iii) The initials, surnames and Emails of author(s).
(iv) The departments and institutions where the work was done with the postal address.
(v) Name and correct address of author of whom correspondence should be addressed.
(vi) Keywords (not more than 5 words).
Abstract (Structured)
A structured abstract (of not more than 150 words) should be written on the second page of manuscript stating the objectives, methods, main results and major conclusions.
Figures and Tables
Only tables and figures that are essential should be submitted. Tables (3copies) should be numbered in Roman Numerals. Figures (3copies) should be expertly drawn and photographs should be black and white, glossy in camera-ready form. Unmounted photographs are welcome and should be numbered in Arabic numerals. Figures should be numbered lightly at the back, and the top end indicated. Legend to the figures should be typed on a separate sheet of paper.
Authors must submit only essential references and should not write works that they have read without stating that the source of the information is secondary. Reference quoted must be indicated by the numbers 1, 2 in the text and numbered and listed in the reference list consecutively. The abbreviated journal title must should follow the style in the Index Medicus. Authors could be quoted in the text but if there are more than five, only the first five should be listed followed by et al. In the reference list, however, the names of all authors should be included. References should be as follows: author(s) name(s), title of paper, name of journal, year of
publication, volume number, first and last pages, e.g.
Jaja S.J. Lung Function in Young Nigerian Adults. West Af. J. Med. 1991; 10: 262-285.
Reference to Book and Monographs
(a) E.L. Farquharson Textbook of Operative 3rd ed. E. And S Living Edinburgh and London.1996, 76-78.
(b) Moser H.W. Ceramidase Deficiency in Standbury J. B. And Fredickson, D.S. The metabolic Basis of Inherited Diseases 4th ed. New York, McGraw Hill Book Company 1978; 702-710.
Article in Press should not be cited.
Corrected proofs should be sent back within 10 days.
Offprints/Reprints are not free. The sum of N 15, 000.00 will be charged for accepted manuscripts to cover page charges. Reprints may be ordered by the author before publication.
Units of Measurement
All measurement should be expressed in SI Units.
Only the assistance of those who contributed significantly in the study or the preparation of the paper (excluding secretariat assistance which is assured in all cases) should be acknowledged.

Journal Identifiers

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