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Camphor burns on the palm: An unusual new presentation

B.A. Ramesh


Introduction: Camphor burns on the palm are uncommon and rarely encountered by a plastic surgeon.

Aim: This study aims to analyze different patterns of camphor burns on the palm.

Methods: Five women and one man presented with camphor burns on their palm. All patients had burns on their right palm. The shape of camphor, the duration of contact with the ignited camphor on the palm, and post‑burn treatments were evaluated.

Results: Three types of camphor burns were noted: Type 1 (a ring‑shaped or a dome‑shaped blister with unburned skin in the center), Type 2 (an oval‑shaped partially thick burn with unburned skin in the center), and Type 3 (a full‑thickness burn exposing the palmar fascia).

Conclusion: Different types of camphor burns on the palm are described in this study. This is the first study to report ring‑shaped blisters and ring‑shaped partially thick camphor burns caused on the palm.

Keywords: Camphor, palm burn, ring burns, skin graft
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