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An alternative technique in the control of massive presacral rectal bleeding: fixation of GORE-TEX® aortic patch

Mustafa Ozsoy, Zehra Ozsoy, Suleyman Sahin, Yüksel Arikan


The presacral venous system is located under the pelvic fascia covering the anterior of the sacrum and consists of two lateral sacral veins, middle sacral vein, and the veins that communicate them. The presacral venous system can be easily damaged and causes serious bleeding which is difficult to control and may cause intraoperative mortality. Its incidence varies between 3% and 9.4%. Although several methods have been tried to control presacral bleeding, the definitive method of treatment has not yet been identified. We present here our alternative technique in control of massive presacral massive bleeding developed from the presacral plexus secondary to the traction of the specimen during the dissection. The bleeding could not be controlled despite the use of all technical possibilities such as packing, ligation, and hemostatic agents. Bleeding control was provided by GORE‑TEX® graft. We conclude that fıxatıon of GORE‑TEX® aortic patch should be kept in mind for uncontrolled massive presacral bleeding.

Keywords: GORE‑TEX® graft, presacral bleeding, rectal cancer

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