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Internal Microclimate: Cumulative Exergy Consumption in a Sandcrete and a Burnt Brick- Walled Structure

A.A. Ibrahim
A.A. Adedeji


Current practices of planning and designing of buildings in Nigeria do not consider the thermal comfort, the building energy and exergy demand. There is a need for better understanding of exergy analysis to improve the quality match between building energy demand and supply. The aim of this study is to estimate the exergy consumption value for a hollow sandcrete and a burnt brick-walled structure in a tropical sub-region. The properties of the building were assessed, eQuest software was used to estimate the energy demand of the respective buildings and the exergy analysis was conducted using the exergetic factor of electricity. The cumulative exergy consumptions of the existing sandcrete-walled building, the modelled sandcrete and the burnt brick-walled building were found to be 246,074.4 MJ/year, 128,646 MJ/year, and 128,595.6 MJ/year respectively. The modelled sandcrete-walled building, as well as the burnt brick-walled building, were found to be 48% more energy efficient than the existing
building as a result of improving the airtightness of the building, reducing the solar heat gain, and utilizing extremely efficient systems. However, the exergy analysis suggested that the hollow burnt brick-walled building perform better than the hollow sandcrete-walled building.

Keywords:  Building, electricity, energy, eQuest, exergy, sandcrete.

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