Bathymetry Study of the Siltation Level of Lugu Dam Reservoir in Sokoto State, Nigeria

  • S.J. Ugwu
  • H.N. Ajoge
  • B. Abdulsalam
  • M.O. Nwude


This paper seeks to determine the siltation level of the Lugu dam reservoir, Sokoto State, Nigeria, using the bathymetric survey method. A total of eleven (11) ground control points were established over the study area using Hi-Target Global Navigation Satellite (GNS) Real-time Kinematic (RTK) System. The base station was set- up over the reference Bench Mark while the Rover station was moved around to predetermine locations of the ground control points. The depths to the Lugu dam reservoir bed, as well as its underwater topographic mapping with a section of the River Rima on the right flank of the reservoir area, across the collapsed spillway were conducted using Garmin Global Positioning System Map. This was mounted on a nine feet fibre boat to enhance the echo sounding. The result of the study was used to produce a digital elevation model, topographic contours and the area-elevation-capacity curve for the reservoir. This indicates that between elevations 260.5 m and 262 m, the available minimum and maximum designed storage capacities of Lugu dam reservoir ranges from 21.24 MCM and 34.25 MCM respectively. The Lugu dam reservoir maximum storage capacity at breached level stands at 25 MCM, while its active storage capacity is 20 MCM. This is to conclude that the amount of siltation at the reservoir is 9.25 MCM representing 27.01% indicating the difference between the maximum designed capacity and the current storage capacity. It is recommended that dredging be carried out to regain the initial designed storage capacity as this will no doubt put an end to the incessant flooding and erosion experienced in the area.


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