The Nigerian Medical Practitioner, a monthly Journal publishes clinical and research articles in medicine and related fields which are of interest to a large proportion of medical and allied health practitioners. It also publishes miscellaneous articles-hospital administration, business practice, accounting, law-for health practitioners. Case reports and letters about published papers are welcome.

Manuscripts should be submitted solely to this journal and accompanied by a letter to that effect signed by all authors. They should be typed, double - placed and submitted in triplicate complete with illustrations. Tables should be typed on separate sheets and numbered in Roman numericals. The general manuscripts should be accompanied by a diskette labeled with the name(s) of the author(s). This will facilitate production on acceptance of the papers.

The title page should be separate and should contain title, surname and initials, designation and address of author(s). A summary of not more than 250 words should be supplied. Four to six key words should also be provided.
The rest of the paper should be organized as Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion.
Illustrations should be on black and white glossy prints or original copies of computer generated printout, adequately identified in pencil on the back including an arrow indicating the top. All illustrations should be mentioned in the text, and referred to as figures in Arabic numerals. Legends to figures should be typed on a separate sheet. Full face illustrations should be accompanied by statement of consent of the patient.
References should be cited in numerical order in the text, designated sheet in numerical sequence. They should be typed in the following manner.
Journal reference:
1. Famuyiwa, O. O. Computerized axial tomography scanning in Neuropsychiatric disorders. West Afr. J. Med. 1992. 11, 122-129.
Book reference:
2. Femi-Pearse, D., Warrell, D. A. Occupational lung disease. In: Principles of Medicine in Africa. E. H. O. Parry (editor). Oxford University Press, Ibadan. 1976pp. 366-367. 

The journal for copyright purposes and a statement to this will be signed by the corresponding author on acceptance. 

A publication fee of N10,000.00 is charged for manuscript accepted for publication, payable to SAME Ventures.

Manuscripts along with the electronic copy on CD or  flash drive, and all editorial correspondence should be addressed to:
Editor-in-Chief, The Nigerian Medical Practitioner, P O Box 6420, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, and 
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