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Primary Central Nervous System Tumours in Children and Adolescents in LUTH, Lagos, Nigeria

CC Anunobi, NZ lkeri


Primary CNS tumours are the commonest childhood solid tumours in most developed countries, accounting for 25-30% of cases. In our environment they occur less frequently. These tumours are nonetheless the cause of significant morbidity and mortality in the paediatric age group worldwide. However paediatric CNS tumours have been poorly studied in our environment and little has been published about their histopathologic characteristics. Therefore the aim of this study was to present our institution's experience of paediatric and adolescent CNS tumours. Thirty four primary CNS tumours were seen during the study period. Male-to-female ratio was 1.1:1 and the peak age was the 0- 5years age group. Astrocytic tumours were the commonest neoplasms seen (47.2%) followed by embryonal tumours (17.7%) and then craniopharyngiomas (8.8%). Paediatric CNS tumours in Lagos follow the general epidemiologic patterns in the literature. Most are low-grade astrocytic neoplasms with a slight predilection for males.

Keywords: Paediatric central nervous tumours astrocytoma

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