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Drama and counter terrorism in Nigeria: The example of <i>Yerima’s hard ground</i>

Tekena Gasper Mark


Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa, and the supposed giant of Africa is blessed with enormous mineral reserves, yet many Nigerians are yet to  benefit from the dividends of her huge mineral resources, as the country’s fragile democracy is challenged by a lot of problems, most of which are as a  result of poverty, hunger and starvation. This has made the clamour for resource control a prominent issue on the front burners of social discourses, and  has given birth to many forms of violence and terroristic activities in the country. In the same vein, drama serves as a powerful tool for entertainment,  information and education, and a means by which man is warned against acts that impede his progress and development, as well as that of the society.  The foregoing is the aim of this study as this research examines the role of drama in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria, using Ahmed Yerima’s Hard  Ground as a case study. The study employs the descriptive and analytic methodology of the qualitative research method to realise set objectives, and  observes that negotiation instead of violence is the best means to seek redress or resolve dispute. The study recommends that more plays that  discourage terrorism and the use of violence by extremist groups to actualise their pursuits be written. 

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