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Counter terrorism in Yerima’s <i>Pari</i> and Osofisan’s <i>Morountodun</i>

Rasheed Oshoke Ogakason
Lanre Qasim Adenekan


Globally, terrorism has posed as a bane to human existence and development especially in developing countries where such menace seem abound  despite various approaches deployed by security agencies and personnel to counter terrorism. It is no news that Nigeria is bedevilled with various acts of  terrorism, especially those threatening the unity and peaceful co-existence of the Nigerian people. Activities of Boko Haram insurgents, armed herdsmen,  and Niger Delta militia, among others, have become threats to lives of Nigerians and the nation’s economy. It has also resulted to divisions  among tribes and ethnic-nationalities in the country. As a result, Nigerian playwrights, having understood the functionality of the art of playwriting in the  society, adopt the medium as a tool to express their thoughts, ideas and visions of tackling the hazard. Using analytical method of research, this paper  explores how Yerima and Osofisan discussed in the selected plays, Pari and Morountodun respectively, the menace of terrorism and counter terrorism.  Furthermore, the paper interrogates the approaches and platforms suggested by the playwrights to ensure possible subjugation of the plague in Nigeria.  The paper concludes that individuals and government should be responsible and responsive to their social obligations to help counter  terrorism. 

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