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Counter-terrorism and Nigeria’s security: An investigation of umuko’s <i>The Scent of Crude Oil</i>

Cindy Anene Ezeugwu


Terrorism is one of the emerging realities in Nigeria that has become a near permanent feature of the nation’s contemporary history. Its emergence in  different shades has made the security challenges posed by it a big issue globally. Thus, the emerging discourse on counter-terrorism is a phenomenon  of incredible importance to the research on possible and probable ways of conflict resolution in Nigeria. Contemporary trends associated with conflicts  and terrorism point to the fact that they are bent on going nuclear if adequate measures to counter them are not put in place, hence the urgent need to  address its increasing menace in Nigeria. The study adopts the literary research methodology while leaning on the Theatre for Development (TfD) to  advance the research. The paper examines the ideal of counter-terrorism, and how theatre can be used as an agent of reorganisation, change and re-  orientation with a view to exposing the ill effects of crime and terrorism and proffer possible ways of conflict resolution. In tackling this scholarly concern,  the paper will investigate Eni Jones Umuko’s The Scent of Crude Oil. The paper identifies the fact that terrorism poses a threat to domestic and  regional security which is compact and multidimensional in nature. The study therefore recommends the mode of sensitisation via the theatre as a  potent and viable channel for conflict resolution and to counter terrorism in Nigeria. 

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