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Providindg direction for the Nigerian cultural reorientation in Iyorwuese Hagher’s<i> Lifetimes</i>

Tayo Simeon Arinde
Olaitan Lateef Rasheed


The murky cloud that enveloped the Nigerian nation in the recent times has been laid in the doorstep of various degrees of social vices that manifest in  corruption, child labour, illiteracy, early teenage pregnancy, sexploitation, kidnapping and other high level criminalities. These vices undoubtedly are as a  result of flagrant disregard for cultural norms and ethos by the Nigerian. Consequent upon this, cultural re-orientation becomes apt in Nigeria. It is in  that direction that this paper explores the role of drama as a medium capable of exciting the sought for a change in our cultural orientation using  Iyorwuese Hagher’s Lifetimes. Thus, we employ analytical method as a tool to identifying and excite attitudinal change that the literary piece under  examination underscores in the dramaturgy of Hagher’s Lifetimes. Having perused the work, our findings reveal that drama ranks amongst the veritable  instruments that succinctly appeal to minds of people as well as a medium that soothingly elicit beneficial change in the people of any giving society. It  has been variously established that drama is a luxuriating balm that engender the soothing magic of believability. The paper concludes that  uneconomical exploration of the medium of drama is a leeway to cultural reorientation. The paper therefore appeals to playwrights to rummage into  more of the misdemeanours plaguing our society, document them for enlightenment, education, sustenance and cultural re-orientation of our society. 

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