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Restructuring Nigeria for positive change: Nollywood and the Biafran story

Emmanuel Onyeka Ebekue


The Biafran/ Nigerian Civil War is a story of horror, of terror, of hunger, of valour and of so many other experiences that are associated with war and the  struggle for survival and self-determination. Its hydra-headedness stems from the varied perspectives with which different factions involved in the war  view the conflict. It is a truism that most civil wars and civil struggles of nations constitute invaluable sources of thematic materials for their narratives.  Unfortunately, the story of Biafra continues to be neglected and side lined by the Nigerian film industry to the amazement of many pundits and theatre  critics. The puzzle behind the negation of the potentials of the Biafra story for the evolving industry constitutes the problem of this study. It examines the  potentials and trappings the Nigerian film industry can tap from this historic but enigmatic encounter. It also highlights numerous advantages the  Nigerian society stands to gain if the story of Biafra finds its way into the mainstream media, especially at this time when Nigerians are clamouring for  restructuring and change. The study adopts mixed method of research in sourcing and analysing its data. The conclusion reached is that the Biafra story  has been underutilized and if adequately explored has the capacity to reposition not only the film industry of Nigeria but also the Nigerian sociopolitical  narrative.

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