Dance and change management in modern Benin cultural troupe performance

  • Josephine Ebiuwa Abbe


Cultural dance groups in Nigeria are mostly private businesses and ethnicbound set to propagate their people’s culture. Government-owned cultural
outfits also abound in the country. There is the National Arts Theatre which houses the National Troupe of Nigeria while the thirty-six states of the  country have their own Council for Arts and Culture meant to sustain, preserve and promote the people’s rich cultural heritage through dance, music and  other forms of traditional performances. This paper examines the influence of modernity as a social change factor on cultural dance groups in Benin  City, Edo State of Nigeria to determine how survival instincts have propelled traditional dance groups to creativity, thereby fostering and  sustaining cultural identity and continuity. Two cultural groups are used for comparative analysis; their performances are examined to ascertain new  dimensions infused into their works and their audience views on these changes. Literary and non-participant methodologies are applied in gathering  data. Interviews are conducted with leaders and members of the two groups. Their performances, observed at social events serve indices for audience acceptance.


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