Evaluation of Pattern of Pet Animal Trauma at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria

  • JF Akinrinmade
Keywords: Pet animal, Trauma, Pattern, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Ibadan.


The record of 114 small animal trauma cases seen at the Surgery Unit of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH), Ibadan between 2008 and 2012 were studied to evaluate the pattern of trauma with reference to species, sex, age groups, causes of trauma, regional involvement, severity including fatalities, in order to develop a data base for the establishment of protocols for trauma patient care. Trauma cases ranked first and accounted for 46.3%of all small animal surgical cases presented during the period. Species involvement markedly favoured the canine species. Incidence of trauma was significantly higher (p<0.05) in males (60.5%) and younger (<3years/70.1%) than in females (39·5%) and older (>3years/29.9%)) dogs respectively. Automobile accidents were the most frequent cause of trauma (78.0%), and had the wndest regional involvemenl while the extremities (41.2%) was the most frequently injured area. Majority of the trauma cases reported tended to be moderate to severe in the scale of severity rating. Information on details of trauma care, intensive management and outcomes were poorly documented. The study revealed trauma to be a leading cause for dogs to present as an emergency to the VTH and he~ce the need for appropriate trauma patient care system.

KEY WORDS: Pet animal, Trauma, Pattern, Veterinary Teaching Ilospital, Ibadan.


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