Clinical Efficacy of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone in Treatment of Repeat Breeder Cattle-A Field Study

  • K. Mohteshamuddin
Keywords: Conception rate, GnRH, Infertility, repeat breeder cow, Reproduction


The study was conducted to determine the effect of GnRH (Buserelin Acetate) administration as a therapy for repeat breeding syndrome in cows. A total of fifty repeat breeder cows with regular estrus cycle, clear vaginal discharge and suffering from ovulatory dysfunction were selected. White side test was carried out to exclude the possibility of sub-clinical genital infection in these animals. The repeat breeder cows which were found to be in estrus and presented for artificial insemination were divided randomly into two equal groups (n=25). Animals of treatment group received 20μg of single intramuscular dose of Gonadotropin releasing hormone (Buserelin Acetate) at the time of artificial insemination. Animals of control group were inseminated at estrus without any treatment. The overall conception rate was significantly higher in treatment group (60%) than control group (4%). Hence the study concluded that using GnRH for non-infectious cases of infertility under field conditions gives encouraging results.

Key words: Conception rate, GnRH, Infertility, repeat breeder cow, Reproduction


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eISSN: 0331-3026