Clinicopathological Effects of Oral Administration of Ethanol Leaf Extract of Charcoal–Tree (Trema Orientalis Linn Blume) in Jamnapari Crossbred Goats

  • A Saleh
  • A Usman
  • N.B Ibrahim
  • S.E Abalaka
  • N.A Sani
  • A Mohammed
  • S.A Zainal-Ariffin
Keywords: Ethanol extract, Trema orientalis, Clinicopathological changes, Goatsv


The present study was aimed at evaluating the clinicopathological changes due to oral administration of ethanol leaf extract of Trema orientalis (ELETO) in Jamnapari crossbred goats. The clinical manifestations, gross and histopathological changes in the major vital organs were used as indices of the toxicity. The severity of gross and microscopic changes were evaluated by scoring technique. Twenty goats weighing between 15-20kg were divided into four groups with five goats in each group in a completely randomized design. The test groups I, II, III were administered ELETO at the dosages of 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0g/kg b.wt per os/day respectively, for 14 days while, group IV served as a control. Groups II and III showed decreased appetite whereas, group III showed bilateral congestion of ocular mucous membrane, lacrimation, rectal tenesmus and a significant decrease in body weight compared to control. The main gross and microscopic changes were mild to moderate and included; engorgement of the gall bladder, congestion and icteric liver, hepatocellular degeneration, vacuolation, necrosis and renal congestion observed mainly in group III goats. The results indicate that the ELETO was hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic at continued oral doses equal to or more than 2.0g/kg b.wt in goats but no significant toxicity when used at lowers doses. Therefore, special caution should be taken when keeping goats in areas with T. orientalis.

Keywords: Ethanol extract, Trema orientalis, Clinicopathological changes, Goatsv


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eISSN: 0331-3026