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Radiographic Determination Of Costophrenic Angle Sizes In The Nigerian Indigenous Dog

Rock Odimma Ukaha
Kenneth Kalu Agwu
Raphael O. Kene


Assessment of major organs like the heart, trachea, lungs, and diaphragm forms the most common thoracic investigation in small animal  radiology. In other words, consideration of the sizes and shapes of thoracic sinuses are usually overlooked, unless the angular  recesses are grossly abnormal. The objective of this cross-sectional prospective radiologic study was to measure and document normal  index values of costophrenic angular recesses in the Nigerian indigenous dog breed. A total 30 dogs (average body weight: 8.19±2.45 kg)  were used for the investigation. Thoracic dorsoventral (DV) and ventrodorsal (VD) projections were obtained of each dog, giving a total of  60 radiographs. Each thoracic silhouette was carefully studied and the costo-phrenic angular recesses (CPAs) were measured, in both  DV and VD views, and recorded. Expressed as means and standard errors of means, the results obtained were: 23.40±0.770/23.40±0.540  for the left/right DV CPAs and 24.20±0.620/24.27±0.600 for left/right VD CPAs, respectively. The results of this study are clinically relevant  and objectively easily applicable in canine practice for thoracic studies. 

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eISSN: 0331-3026