A review of wound healing

  • A.Z. Hassan
  • E.I. Amber
  • C.A. Awasum
  • B.D. Remi-Adewumi
  • A.S Yila
  • F.B Hassan
  • B.M. Jahun


Wounds have been credited to be the most common and frequent reason for seeking medical attention. This review highlights the existing information on several aspects of wound healing. While the review presents the traditional information on wounds such as the etiology, classification and stages involved in wound healing, it attempts to capture the current information on hitherto obscure aspects of the healing phenomena, such as, the role of growth factors. Also reviewed are several traditionally used substances or clinical practices that are in fact, injurious to wounds.
KEY WORDS: A Review. Wound Healing

(Nigerian Veterinary Journal: 2002 23(2): 1-14)

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0331-3026