Management of pelvic fractures in dog

  • AK Sharma
  • S Kumar
  • LL Dass
Keywords: Dog, dynamic compression plate, pelvic fracture


Pelvic fractures are common sequelae of major traumatic injury of dogs and cat which, comprise of at least 25% of all fractures in veterinary practice (Piermattei et al., 2006). Fracture of ilium, the most common fracture seen in the pelvis account for 46% of all pelvic fracture (Henry, 1985; De Camp, 2005). Whereas, acetabular fracture comprises 12 % of pelvic fractures in dogs (De Camp, 2005). In smaller dogs, most of the pelvic fractures recover without surgery. But immediate surgery is required within 72 hours if the fracture is unstable (Harasen, 2007). We hereby report the successful surgical management of unstable fracture of ilium and ischium of pelvis in a Spitz dog.

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eISSN: 0331-3026