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Qabiyyee lafaa faayidaa uummataatiif gadilakkisiisuun wal-qabatanii rakkoowwan jiran: haala qabatamaa naannoo oromiyaa1

AW Nadhaa


This article explores legal as well as execution problems relating to the process of rural and urban land expropriation in Oromia regional state. And, it found that expropriation process in Oromia is encircled by execution as well as legal problems. Weak administration of public purpose, poor notification system, lack of advance payment of full compensation, lack of having uniform valuation methods and grievance handling mechanisms and poor rehabilitation works are among the major execution problems existing in the region. Among legal problems, insufficiency of displacement compensation stipulated under expropriation proclamation, vagueness of the expropriation proclamation on jurisdiction of courts and administrative tribunals, non-existence of directive which provides procedure for entertaining grievances in administrative tribunal and working procedure for valuating committee are the major ones. Accordingly, amending the expropriation proclamation and enacting necessary directive as well as providing training for participants in expropriation process is necessary to ensure a decent expropriation process.

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print ISSN: 2304-8239