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The Oromia Law Journal covers articles, book reviews, legislative and case comments related to legal, economic, political and social issues arising in relation to Oromia, Ethiopian, and other related International Laws.  As such, the journal has two audiences-primary and secondary. The primary ones are legal professionals of the region and the country. Law students, policy makers of the country, and even legal professionals in other jurisdictions are secondary audiences.

Vol 7, No 1 (2018)

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Table of Contents


The Relationship between the Federal and Regional States’ Constitutional Review System in Ethiopia: The Case of Oromia R
Mulukan Kassahun 1-23
Allocation of Costs and Fees of Civil Litigation in Federal Supreme Court Cassation Division: ‘Does One Approach Really Fit All’?
Kahsay Giday 24-43
Kenninsaa fi Barreessa Murtii Dhimmoota Hariiroo Hawaasaa M anneen Murtii Oromiyaa: Seeraa fi Hojimaata
Teferi Bekele, Angessa Eticha 44-94
The Share of Women during Succession under State Laws and Sharia Law: Comparative Study
Mohammed Ibrahim 95-116
Land Governance in Ethiopia: Towards Evaluating Global Trends
Daniel Behailu, Adisu Kasa 117-149

ISSN: 2304-8239
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