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Kenninsa Karooraafi Dhiifama Sirreeffamtoota Seeraa Naannoo Oromiyaa:Seeraafi Hojimaata

Geetaachoo Fayyisaa
Abdusalam Aabbee


This article focuses on examining practical and legal aspect of parole and pardon granting in oromia regional state. It is found that the assessment of the inmate in rehabilitation center takes place only when the candidate served his 2/3 of penalty. Also poor documentation of inmate profile and Wrong assessment of 2/3 penalty have been observed. The cause of wrong assessment roots in judgments not identifying when the penalty began to be served. Additionally Most of behavioral assessment by rehabilitation center lack individuality of the inmate. Under selection process some times all inmate given the same evaluation while some other time a single inmate got two different evaluation. TheĀ  very objective of parole is to ensure the rehabilitation through looking after the inmate within community before serving the whole sentence while Our court simply sign the warranty as to release of the inmate without setting the condition to be observed after release. Regarding pardon, it is found that the board is not dully established and functioning in regular basis as described in the pardon proclamation. The crime designated as ineligible is not identified based on research. The organizations of zonal committee for pardon are not in accordance with the proclamation. The time frame, in which selection of candidate for pardon undertakes, unable the inmate to file their complain dully. Like parole also, inmates are released by pardon without condition to be observed after release. It is recommended that the rehabilitation center has to modernize the assessment and documentation system of inmate profile. Also courts have to give due attention for parole procedure in implementing rules in criminal code. The pardon board needs to be organized with all necessary staff so that function properly in regular basis. The pardon proclamation or the directive has to be revised and properly address issue after release.

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