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Madagascar Fish Eagle productivity in the Tsimembo-Manambolomaty Protected Area and surrounding habitat of western Madagascar

Gilbert Razafimanjato, Lily-Arison René de Roland, Marius Rakotondratsima, Stephanie Razakaratrimo, Yverlin ZM Pruvot, Tsiresy M Razafimanantsoa, Aristide Andrianarimisa, Russell Thorstrom


We monitored the productivity of the critically endangered Madagascar Fish Eagle Haliaeetus vociferoides inside and outside of the Tsimembo-Manambolomaty Protected Area (T-M PA), western Madagascar from 2010 to 2015. We recorded 14 breeding pairs inside and 13 outside T-M PA. The T-M PA and surrounding habitat hosted respectively 10 and six breeding polyandrous pairs, composed of one adult female and two adult males. During the six-year study period, 101 eggs were laid in nests in T-M PA of which 60 hatched and 58 young fledged. We recorded 62 eggs laid in nests outside the T-M PA of which 39 hatched and 36 young fledged. Productivity was similar at both sites, inside and outside T-M PA, with 0.84 (58/69) and 0.76 (36/47) fledgling per nesting attempt and 0.69 (58/84) and 0.5 (36/72) fledglings per territorial pair, respectively. Polyandrous pairs have higher productivity compared with normal pairs. Threats to Madagascar Fish Eagles and their habitat were low due to the existence of a communitybased resource management system called the Local Management Secured System (GELOSE) inside and outside the T-M PA. This system is based on strengthening local traditional customs and rules, and involving local people in managing their natural resources sustainably along with biodiversity conservation.

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