Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology

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Seasonal and annual dietary changes in Lesser Kestrels Falco naumanni wintering in Lesotho

Grzegorz Kopij


The diet of Lesser Kestrels Falco naumanni wintering in an agriculturally-transformed area in Lesotho was studied by means of pellet analysis. Orthopterans, beetles and solifugids (sun spiders) comprised the staple food of the wintering Lesser Kestrels. Small vertebrates, termite alates, earwigs and scolopendrans supplemented the diet. The proportion of pellets containing scarabaeid and carabid beetles, as well as those containing locusts and crickets, increased as the wintering season progressed, while the proportion of pellets containing solifugids decreased during the same period. Significant differences in diet composition were recorded between the 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 wintering seasons.

Ostrich 2007, 78(3): 615–619

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