Analysis of serum magnesium ions in dogs exposed to external stress: A pilot study

  • Izumi Ando
  • Kaoru Karasawa
  • Shinichi Yokota
  • Takao Shioya
  • Hiroshi Matsuda
  • Akane Tanaka
Keywords: Exercise, Guide dogs, Seasonality, Serum magnesium ions, Training


Magnesium ions (Mg2+) are essential for various enzymatic reactions in the body associated with energy production and activation of the muscles and nerves. Mg2+ is also involved in blood pressure regulation, maintenance of body temperature, and glucose metabolism. Although various factors including foods and physical conditions have been reported to change serum Mg2+ status in humans, serum Mg2+2+ in dogs at different conditions using the guide dog candidates for the blind. Serum Mg2+ was decreased in winter and increased in summer. Guide dog candidates in an elementary class of the training showed markedly lower levels of serum Mg2+, compared with that of dogs in an advanced class. When healthy adult dogs were subjected to forced exercise using a treadmill, a significant reduction in serum Mg2+ levels was observed, particularly in winter. These findings suggest that serum levels of Mg2+ may be influenced by weather fluctuation such as air temperature, nervousness in unaccustomed situations, age, and physical stress induced by exercise. The results indicate that Mg2+ supplementation should be considered for working dogs, dogs moving or traveling to a new environment, and dogs during winter.

Keywords: Exercise, Guide dogs, Seasonality, Serum magnesium ions, Training


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eISSN: 2218-6050
print ISSN: 2226-4485