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Published: 2023-04-18

Identification of reference genes for expression studies in the liver and spleen of laying hens housed in cage and cage-free systems

María P. Herrera-Sánchez, Kelly J. Lozano-Villegas, Iang S. Rondón-Barragán, Roy Rodríguez-Hernández


Retrospective evaluation of a hand-sewn side-to-side intestinal anastomosis technique in dogs and cats

Luca Ciammaichella, Armando Foglia, Sara Del Magno, Veronica Cola, Stefano Zanardi, Debora Tinto, Ombretta Capitani, Monika Joechler, Luciano Pisoni


Pathological lesions associated with Vibrio infection in Atlantic horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus L., 1758) from the western coast of Tripoli, Libya

Khawla K. Bukha, Shaima A. M. Mahgiubi, Asma M. Elbahi, Ehab A. Sharif, Mohamed L. Showehdi, Mohamed O. Ahmed, Abdulwahab M. Kammon, Yousef M. Abouzeed


Computed tomographic evaluation of heart size in clinically healthy cats

Aphisit Wanglerm, Chawanwith Samachikthummakun, Zen Kitnitchee, Thiranan Sirinitikorn, Sapawut Junnong, Somchin Sutthigran, Nan Choisunirachon, Chutimon Thanaboonnipat


Association between dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids and their concentration in blood plasma, red blood cell, and semen of dogs

Francisco J. Pellegrino, Yanina Corrada, Sebastián J. Picco, Alejandro E. Relling, Analía Risso


Genotyping of cows by LHCGR, FSHR loci, and determination of the level of ovulation depending on the expression of the studied genes

Yktiyar Sarybayev, Yessengali Ussenbekov, Orynbassar Turebekov, Bekbolat Turumbetov, Ibragim Tutkyshbay


Expression of a recombinant ASFV P30 protein and production of monoclonal antibodies

Rosario Liberti, Claudia Colabella, Lucia Anzalone, Giulio Severi, Antonella Di Paolo, Cristina Casciari, Anna Beatrice Casano, Monica Giammarioli, Monica Cagiola, Francesco Feliziani, Antonio De Giuseppe


Perforated duodenal ulcer in a dog with gallbladder agenesis

Luca Ciammaichella, Armando Foglia, Sara Del Magno, Veronica Cola, Stefano Zanardi, Francesca Del Baldo, Marco Pietra, Marco Pietra, Maria Morini, Luciano Pisoni


A rare case report of extensive mandibular osteoma corrected by unilateral mandibulectomy: Cytological, radiological, and pathological investigation

Amirhossein Alizadeh Tabarestani, Masoud Nemati-Nezhad, Mohammad Amin Minaie, Sonia Sahvieh, Reza Nikzad


Histiocytic sarcoma with spinal necrosis in a dog with progressing non-ambulatory tetraparesis

Yuki Nemoto, Munekazu Nakaichi, Masashi Sakurai, Kazuhito Itamoto, Masahiro Morimoto, Hiro Horikirizono, Harumichi Itoh, Hiroshi Sunahara, Kenji Tani


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