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Serum protein electrophoretic pattern in one-humped camels (<i>Camelus dromedarius</i>) in Tripoli, Libya

Omran Abdoslam
Mahmoud Bayt-Almal
Abdullah Almghrbe
Omran Algriany


The aim of this study was to characterize serum protein capillary electrophoretic pattern in apparently healthy adult male (age: 3-7 years) dromedary camels and also evaluate total protein and albumin levels using automated analyzer. Blood samples were taken from 20 camels. 5ml of blood was collected from the jugular vein and serum was separated from samples by centrifugation. Capillary electrophoresis of serum proteins identified six protein fractions in adult camels, including albumin, alpha1, alpha2, beta1, beta2 and gamma globulins, serum levels of these parameters were 3.9±0.04 g/dl, 0.16±0.01 g/dl, 0.39±0.03 g/dl, 0.515±0.03 g/dl, 0.205±0.01 g/dl and 0.61±0.04 g/dl, and 65.42±0.62 g/l, respectively. The total protein concentration was 65.42±0.62 g/L, while, the albumin/globulin (A/G) ratio was 2.4±0.14. The present study indicates six peaks with minicapillary electrophoresis and the results obtained were compared and interpreted in the light of finding reported by other investigators in camels.

Keywords: Camels, Electrophoresis, Proteins, Serum

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eISSN: 2218-6050
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