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Incidence and biochemical parameters of dermatophilosis in Nigerian cattle breeds from livestock markets, Oyo state, Nigeria

Sunday Charles Olaogun
Keleshi Joseph Onwuzuruike


Dermatophilosis is one of the major economically important diseases of cattle in Nigeria. Managing the condition has been very challenging and re-occurrence has been reported with moderate to high morbidity and mortality. The incidence and biochemical features of cattle with dermatophilosis was conducted in June to December 2016 across the four geopolitical zones of Oyo state, Nigeria. Clinical diagnosis were made based on appearance of dermatophilosis lesion, breeds morphologically characterized, ageing were based on rostral dentition and severity based on the extent and nature of the lesion. Biochemical analysis was based on standard procedure as prescribed by Fortress International. Fifty cattle were found to be infected with clinical dermatophilosis during the period of the study. Twenty four (48%) in Ibadan zone, 14 (28%) in Oyo/Ogbomosho, 8 (16%) in Oke-ogun and 4 (8%) in Ibarapa zone. Breeds distribution across the zones showed 28 (56%) White Fulani, 5 (10%) Sokoto Gudali, 3 (6%) Adamawa Gudali, 7 (14%) Red Bororo, 5 (10%) Cross breeds while the Kuri was 2 (4%). Regarding animal ages, less than 2 years old were 2 animals (4%) while the adults were 48 animals (96%) and they fall under the categories of 2-2½ years of age, 3-3½ years of age and those which are over 3½ years of age. The different levels of severity were categorized into mild (20 (40%)), moderate (23 (46%)) and severe (7 (14%)) .The best parameters were seen in White Fulani, while the least were seen in Adamawa Gudali. The age group in the category of 3 - 3½ years had most of the best serum values while the least values were seen in animals less than 2 years of age. Cattle exhibiting mild lesions had most of the best serum values and the least values were observed in cattle with severe lesions. No significant difference (p > 0.05) was observed in the mean values for the various parameters studied among the breeds, age, and severity of condition.

Keywords: Biochemical parameters, Cattle, Dermatophilosis, Incidence, Oyo state

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