REB-PASRES, the Environment and Biodiversity Review, is published by the Strategic Support Program for Scientific Research in Côte d'Ivoire (PASRES) twice a year.

Sources of Support

The Journal REB-PASRES is financially supported by the PASRES (Strategic Support Program for Scientific Research and the FONSTI (Fond pour la Science, la Technologie et l'Innovation ” / “ Fund for Science, Technology and Innovation). Both institutions are in Ivory Coast.

Peer Review

Full explanation of peer review process for reviewers and authors: 

  1. Submission of the manuscript;
  2. Opinion of the editorial board on the conformity of the manuscript by simple majority, within 48 hours, by e-mail; 
  3. Choice of two specialist reviewers, in the field of the submitted article, by the editor in chief;
  4. Editor in chief sends the manuscript to the two reviewers;
  5. Reviewers tracking by Editor in chief and by e-mail;
  6. Dispatching reviewers' opinions and report contents to editorial board members who give their opinion by e-mail and the decision is based on the simple majority;
  7. 1st meeting of the editorial board for the appreciation of the content of the revised articles; this activity is done by vision conference or by e-mail, since the occurrence of Covid 19;
  8. Notification of reviewers' comments to authors by the editor in chief;
  9. Return of authors' corrections to the editor in chief;
  10. Validation of corrections by reviewers who are interested;
  11. Dispatching articles to members of the editorial board for reading and final approval, by e-mail;
  12. 2nd reading meeting and final approval of the articles by the editorial board; 
  13. Sending the proof of manuscript to authors before editing
  14. Submitting articles for editing;
  15. Editing quality checks by the editorial board;
  16. Edition of the issue and reprints which are made available to authors and the public.

Open Access Policy

The journal is Open Access, meaning it is free to read. 

Publication Scheduling

This journal publishes twice a year, two issues in one volume.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2520-3037