Research in Hospitality Management

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Key elements for designing a strategy to generate social and environmental value: A comparative study of festivals

Marisa P. de Brito, Liliya Terzieva


The world of events is becoming more competitive. Governmental bodies need to be more thorough in justifying public expenditure and its consequences, and commercial entities strive for exemplary corporate social responsibility. At the same time consumers are becoming more demanding; they want to consume ethically, and expect leisure and hospitality organisations to practice sustainable hospitality. Sustainability is therefore becoming a must for events. This research explores the key elements in designing a strategy when generating social and environmental hospitality value at events is a priority. The study is grounded in empirical data, using music festivals across Europe as case studies. Six key elements have been identified, among which are: visionary leadership, authenticity, and strategic partnerships. Based on the findings, we propose a design approach to generate social and environmental value for events.

Keywords: design, events, innovation, hospitality sustainability, strategy, trends
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