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ChatGPT and its impact on education

Shabbir Pokkakillath


In understanding the role and potential of ChatGPT in education, this article suggests that ChatGPT has the potential to enhance the education system by providing instant feedback, personalised learning experiences and 24/7 availability. Furthermore, it aims to analyse the different perspectives on ChatGPT and establish a research foundation that contributes to future research, for instance, questions around who is responsible for the content generated by ChatGPT, and how it should be used to assess student learning. The article offers valuable insights for both students and educators looking to understand the role of ChatGPT in education and the future of the education system. It provides the starting point for further discussion and research into the role of ChatGPT in education and the potential it holds to revolutionise the way we learn and teach. The article concludes by calling for further research to fully understand the impact of ChatGPT on education and to determine the most effective ways to integrate it into the classroom.

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