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Financial literacy: an interface between fi nancial information and decision-makers in organisations

DG Gouws
CC Shuttleworth


Individuals’ decisions and subsequent actions fl ow from their understanding of the surroundings in which they operate. In order
to facilitate economic and fi nancial sustainability, individuals need
the cognitive ability to understand fi nancial information in the context of these surroundings. The intellectual construct inferred from this encompassing and complex process is fi nancial literacy. The term ‘fi nancial literacy’ consists of the words ‘fi nancial’ and ‘literacy’, both of which are used to represent a myriad of issues that can easily lose their relevance when used together. This article addresses the interface (or gap) between information (matter) and decision-making (mind). The dualism of fi nancial literacy, matter and mind, is explored by means of a literature review and an empirical survey. From the survey, respondents’ perceptions of the fi nancial literacy construct were gleaned. Awareness of fi nancial literacy from the interface perspective promotes a deeper understanding of the concept. Recommendations are made to assist organisations and
individuals to overcome fi nancial uncertainties.

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eISSN: 1998-8125
print ISSN: 1561-896X