Mosquitoes as vectors of human disease in South Africa

  • PG Jupp 31 Ravenswood George Street Port Alfred 6170
Keywords: mosquitoes, malaria, arboviruses, chikungunya, Sindbis, West Nile, Rift Valley fever, dengue


While malaria is the most important mosquito-borne disease in South Africa, there are also several mosquito-borne viruses that also cause human disease. The most significant are chikungunya, West Nile, Sindbis and Rift Valley fever viruses. In this review these are compared with malaria, mainly in regard to their ecology and epidemiology.

Keywords:mosquitoes; malaria; arboviruses; chikungunya; Sindbis; West Nile; Rift Valley fever; dengue

For full text, click here:SA Fam Pract 2005;47(9):68-72

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