South African Family Practice

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A review of Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI)

T Kerry


The Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) strategy is the primary child-care approach of choice for South Africa.1,2 IMCI training was introduced into South Africa in 1996 by WHO and UNICEF. Since then 8695 health workers have been trained in IMCI – mainly primary health care nurse practitioners, but also primary care doctors and paediatricians. The basic 11-day course comprises classroom activities, assessing children both in an outpatient setting and paediatric ward.3 A compact 4- day course has been developed for doctors and is being taught in some medical schools. IMCI has been very well received by nurse practitioner and doctor alike in empowering them to make easy, evidence-based decisions in the management of sick children at first contact level. However many doctors continue to work with children without knowledge of IMCI.

Keywords: IMCI; case management; sick children; pneumonia; diarrhoea; fever;

For full text, click here:SA Fam Pract 2005;47(8):32-38
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