A proposal for an incentive tool for development of research capacity at technikons

  • NA Ogude Technikon Southern Africa
  • NA Motha Technikon Southern Africa


This article proposes a research incentive tool that hopes to address two challenges that face technikon research namely, low research capacity and inadequate incentive schemes given the research climate and realities at technikons. The contention is that technikons require an incubation period in which a sustainable research environment can be established for them to participate meaningfully in research. This period should combine effective management, a nurturing environment and stringent quality improvement. The Research Performance Index (RPI), adapted from a former technikon, Curtin University of Technology, is proposed as a tool with the potential to contribute towards such a nurturing environment. Unlike the SAPSE system which rewards limited categories of research output, it rewards not only a wide range of research outputs but also research-related professional activities. The RPI will be implemented at Technikon Southern Africa (TSA) from 2001. It is proposed that if cautiously implemented, it can contribute towards building a sustainable research culture at technikons.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol.15(3) 2001: 58-65

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eISSN: 1011-3487