South African Journal of Higher Education

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Computer-aided voice training in higher education: participants' subjective evaluation

M Munro, E Groenewald


The training of performance singing in a multi lingual, multi cultural educational context presents unique problems and requires inventive teaching strategies. Computer-aided training offers objective visual feedback of the voice production that can be implemented as a teaching aid in higher education. This article reports on the subjective programme evaluation by a teacher and learners who participated in a dual phase computer-aided training programme. Parallel questionnaires were used to evaluate specific aspects of the programme that included pre training and singing training with and without computer aid. All the participants were positive about the computer-aided training confirming the feasibility of the approach. A comparison of the evaluations of the participants in the two training phases accentuates the importance of extensive pre-training for teachers, teaching assistants and learners.

South African Journal of Higher Education Vol.18(2) 2004: 288-301
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